目に見えないものを大切に とらえどころのない感覚、自然界の中にある色やかたちを輝きにかえる。Goldの持つパワーと普遍的な輝きから未知なる想像の旅が始まります。

デザイナー 林 光宣


What is essential is invisible to the eye; an elusive feeling, changing colors and shapes found in nature into sparkle. An unknown, imaginary journey beginning with the power and universal sparkle of gold.

Designer:Mitsunori Hayashi

I started in 2004 after working as a fashion designer for a runway fashion brand. The gold I use is exclusively 18K, and I use high-quality diamonds, natural gemstones, and pearls in an expert fashion. I have created a luxurious collection with an individualistic and wondrous charm. On the second line, I am exhibiting a collection with a primitive design sense.

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  • Location:2F 1-17-7 Kyomachibori,Nishiku,Osaka,Japan 550-0003
  • 大阪府大阪市西区京町堀1丁目17-7 2F
  •  info@nymphs.jp
  •  06-6448-4554